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Mercury Messenger Probe

Summary:The Mercury Messenger probe.
Description:MESSENGER, the MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry and Ranging probe is a NASA mission, launched August 3, 2004, which was designed to study the characteristics and environment of Mercury from orbit. To install this add-on, copy the SSC file to your Celestia\extras folder, the model to your Celestia\models folder, the XYZ file to your Celestia\data folder, and the textures to your Celestia\textures\medres folder.
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License:Free only for use in Celestia. Non-commercial activities only.
Added:2005-10-17 08:45
Last modified:2008-08-12 16:59
Mercury Messenger Probe 3DS/JPG 2.70 MB

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2011-07-28 16:26
#4 AnonymousLogin
I love it
2009-12-12 03:45
This is awesome. All I can say.
2008-02-12 07:09
#2 anonymous
Perfect model!
2006-10-03 16:55
#1 John M. Dollan
I've been meaning to try this add-on for some time. Excellent, as always! home page