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Liberty Bell 7

Summary:High-resolution model of a Mercury capsule.
Description:This model is as accurate as possible keeping in mind a limit for the file size. This is the second manned Mercury Mission which was piloted by Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom on July 21, 1962. Don’t forget to visit the InfoUrl of the model for more info about the Mercury missions.
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Added:2005-09-28 14:26
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Liberty Bell 7 CMOD/JPG 3.85 MB

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2010-03-24 02:21
#3 Ian M
BEAUTiFULLY detailed.
2007-07-19 18:13
#2 Dane 17289
I like this model very much.I like how acurrate the textures are.
I'm wondering if you could make a Gemini capsule model.
2005-09-28 15:52
#1 jmdollan
An *excellent* addition for anyone who is interested in true, historical spcecraft. I would definitely say that this is a must. From the texturing to the over all feel of the thing, I have to say that I love it. home page