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Summary:The AMT Almucantar, a cargo ship for the ArcBuilder Universe.
Description:The AMT Almucantar is an Amtech cargo ship, used primarily to haul asteroid ore from the Belt to Mars, Luna, and Earth. This add-on shows an idealized orbit from the belt to just within the orbit of Mars, and the ship itself is displayed with a full array of cargo containers attached. Special thanks go to Steve Bowers, who created this model based on my sketches, using Anim8or.

NOTE: This zip file is put together in a strange way, but the add-on itself can be installed simply by extracting all contents to any separate, temporary folder of your choice. Then, you'll have to copy the Almucantar Loaded folder to the extras directory in Celestia. To view, use the ENTER-TYPE NAME-ENTER method to get to Almucantar Loaded, or if your looking at our own Solar System, you can also find the ship listed on the Solar System Browser under Celestia's Navigation Menu.
Addon Homepage:
S. Bowers
License:This add-on is meant to be used in conjunction with other ArcBuilder Universe add-ons. You may use it in other Celestia formats, but if you publish any form of it on the 'Net or other mass media, please obtain permission from myself. Please do not modify the model without this same permission. The accompanying SSC file, however, you are free to modify as much as you want.
Added:2005-09-06 06:24
Last modified:2008-04-13 15:00
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