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Mars Passenger Ship

Summary:Displays a version of the Mars passenger ship designed by Bonestell and von Braun for the Collier's articles of the early 1950's about travel to Mars.
Description:If you restore this zip file into Celestia's extras directory, it should recreate all of the directories and files necessary for it to work with Celestia v1.4.1. Note: Versions of Celestia after 1.4.1 no longer support the Cel:// URLs included in this add-on. If you'd simply like to view the passenger ship in orbit around the Earth, you can find it using the Solar System Browser under Celestia's built-in Navigation Menu.
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Creator:Selden Ball
License:This add-on may be redistributed freely for use with Celestia, but it may not be used for any commercial gain.
Added:2005-06-19 20:59
Last modified:2008-03-25 14:29
Mars Passenger Ship CMOD/HTML 3.13 MB

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