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White Dwarfs X-J0806

Summary:This is a fictional representation of two real white dwarfs located at about 1600 LY from our Sun.
Description:These stars are rotating at a fast rate (5 min 30 sec) around their common barycenter. They are called RX J0806.3+1527. Their accretion disk is the source of some intense X-ray radiation. I made this add-on from the information found on the following Web Page. Seek out the nice animation there, which is showing the gravitational waves emitted by the system.
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License:This add-on is completely free of charges and may be edited as you wish, but only if it's related to Celestia and to education. You may NOT use my texture or the model for any commercial purposes.
Added:2005-06-18 11:27
Last modified:2009-04-13 21:24
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Comments by visitors:

2012-09-04 07:20
#4 anonymous
Try adding "Clickable false" in your .ssc like the following to make the disk unclickable so you can click the stars easily:

"Disk" "J0806"
Mesh "J0806.3ds"
Radius 1000000
Emissive true

Period 9E12
SemiMajorAxis 1E-12

RotationPeriod 0.0893055556
Clickable false
2011-10-29 16:52
#3 SpaceWhizKid 581
Love evering thing on this! Say can you using the disk make a close neutron star or black hole binary with the disk in a similar orbit?
2007-01-23 18:44
#2 Serge Mendoza
Astounding images and fascinating
2006-10-03 16:38
#1 John M. Dollan
Very cool! I love the disk on this. home page