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Mars Global Surveyor

Summary:The Mars Global Surveyor with or without foil, or with semi transparent foil.
Description:The Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) was a US spacecraft developed by NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It was launched in November 1996 and began the USA's return to Mars after a 20-year absence. It's primary mission was completed in January 2001 and the spacecraft was in the third phase of its extended mission when it lost contact with NASA in November 2006. This add-on displays an accurate rendition of the spacecraft, and you may choose one of three different versions to download here. With this very detailed model, you can view the principal instruments (relay camera, spectrometer, lazer altimeter, etc.) Just unzip whichever add-on you download to your Celestia\extras folder and see ElChristou's Readme.pdf files for more information. This add-on requires Celestia 1.4.1 or later.
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Added:2005-05-25 16:58
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Foiled version CMOD/JPG 1.84 MB
Without foil CMOD/JPG 1.95 MB
Semi transparent foil CMOD/JPG 2.04 MB

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2006-10-04 19:18
#1 John M. Dollan
This is a truly remarkably detailed model. Wonderful work, as always! home page