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Deep Impact

Summary:This script is about the Deep Impact Mission. You must already have Jestr's Deep Impact add-on on your system.
Description:This is v1.3 (English and French versions only) of the Deep Impact Mission script with updated information and an interactive menu from which you can select any chapter of the script you wish to run.

Note: Version 1.3 will not run correctly with Celestia 1.6.0
Download Version 2009 by Marco Klunder for use with Celestia 1.6.0
Addon Homepage:
Creator:Vincent Giangiulio
Spanish translation by Joseto, Version 2009 by M. Klunder
Version:1.3 (English and French versions only)
License:You can modify, use, copy, and distribute the script files as you want. You only have to keep these references in your readme.txt file:

- Original script by Vincent Giangiulio:

- Deep Impact add-on by Jestr:

Any commercial use of the original or modified script is not allowed.

Added:2005-04-03 16:15
Last modified:2009-10-16 21:56
Version 1.3 CELX (english) 20.35 kB
Version 1.3 CELX (french) 28.08 kB
Version 1.0 CEL (spanish) 7.96 kB
Version 2009 CELX (english) 2.18 MB
Version 2009 CELX (dutch) 2.08 MB

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