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Globular Clusters

Summary:29 Messier Globular Clusters with real photos projected onto 3D models.
Description:This add-on adds twenty nine Globular Clusters to Celestia's galaxy renderings. Some of these clusters will show up within Celestia's internal galaxy renderings, but the models offer a nice way to look at the clusters with closer views. Please just view the readme.txt file for more information on installation and use.

Please be aware that this add-on is NOT needed with versions of Celestia after
1.5.1. These Globular Clusters are now included within Celestia's new and
advanced Globular Cluster rendering techniques. If you do install this add-on in
later versions of Celestia, please be aware also that you will end up with
duplicate Messier Nebulae within Celestia.
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Added:2005-02-26 20:17
Last modified:2008-10-30 02:39
Globular Clusters 3DS/PNG 4.51 MB
M3 Optional HiRes 0.5K/PNG 287.37 kB
M5 Optional HiRes 0.5K/PNG 268.11 kB
M14 Optional HiRes 1K/PNG 757.72 kB
M19 Optional HiRes 1K/PNG 1.34 MB
M55 Optional HiRes 0.5K/PNG 681.67 kB

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