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Discovery with payload

Summary:Discovery with a payload.
Description:This is Bob Hundley's Space Shuttle "Discovery" with a fictional payload. Please be aware that this package comes with NO SSC file, so you'll have to copy and paste again if you wish to display this model within Celestia. See the comments under some of Bob's other shuttle models in this category for SSC files which can be modified to work here.
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Creator:Bob Hundley
Added:2005-02-24 15:46
Last modified:2008-08-12 17:17
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Comments by visitors:

2007-05-14 03:02
#2 anonymous
Just copy what's written in the discoveryods and modify "discoveryods.3ds" to "discpayload.3ds".
2007-02-11 20:20
#1 Spaceman
A SSC. file is importal to work the add-on. Why is not exist? home page