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Summary:Endeavour, STS-108
Description:This model is another of Bob Hundley's space shuttle collection. Please be aware that this package contains no SSC file for the add-on. If you like though, you can simply copy and paste the text from the comments which Werner was kind enough to leave us. The STS (Space Transportation System) - 108 mission took the Space Shuttle Endeavour to the International Space Station.
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Creator:Bob Hundley
Added:2005-02-24 15:41
Last modified:2008-08-12 17:20
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2006-12-11 01:18
#2 joao
If you have the sts-67.3ds and you want to see it,copy and paste what werner wrote and add it to the spacecraft.sscin the data folder.Don't forget to modify sts-108.3ds to sts-67.3ds in the mesh area.
2005-06-22 18:55
#1 Werner
SSC: (4 example)
"Endeavour" "Sol/Earth"
Class "spacecraft"
Mesh "sts-108.3ds"
Radius 0.0164

EllipticalOrbit {
Period 0.06415337
SemiMajorAxis 6768
Eccentricity 0
Inclination 45.6460
AscendingNode 83.8458
ArgOfPericenter 296.4900
MeanAnomaly 63.6004

Obliquity 50.6460
RotationOffset 180
EquatorAscendingNode 83.8458

Albedo 0.10
} home page