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Discovery with ODS

Summary:Discovery with ODS (Orbital Docking System)
Description:This add-on represents the Discovery Space Shuttle with the ODS (Orbital Docking System) extended from the cargo bay. If you don't already have Bob's shuttle textures installed, you'll also need to download his Shuttle Texture Pack. The shuttle texture pack is available elsewhere in this category. Then too, you'll need either your own SSC file for the shuttle, or you can copy and paste the text from the comments into a new SSC file.
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Creator:Bob Hundley
Added:2005-02-24 15:00
Last modified:2007-12-08 23:26
Discovery with ODS 3DS 333.00 kB

Comments by visitors:

2007-03-06 19:51
#2 anonymous
"Discovery" "Sol/Earth"
Class "spacecraft"
Mesh "discoveryods.3ds"
Radius 0.0164

EllipticalOrbit {
Period 0.06415337
SemiMajorAxis 6768
Eccentricity 0
Inclination 45.6460
AscendingNode 83.8458
ArgOfPericenter 296.4900
MeanAnomaly 63.6004

Obliquity 50.6460
RotationOffset 180
EquatorAscendingNode 83.8458

Albedo 0.10
} Add comment...

2007-02-11 20:19
#1 Spaceman
Just a model without SSC. and textures? home page