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Event Horizon

Summary:The Event Horizon. Select only one of these archives, either the ZIP file or the 7-ZIP file.
Description:The "Event Horizon" was a movie made back in 1997 starring Lawrence Fishburn and Sam Neill by Paramount Pictures. It was about a spacecraft sent into Neptune's orbit where it mysteriously disappeared and then reappeared 7 years later. The archive includes the model, textures and an SSC file.
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Added:2005-02-16 07:07
Last modified:2008-03-26 12:08
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2011-04-12 18:11
#4 anonymous
Very nice add-on
2009-05-03 20:18
#3 anonymous
Radius: 100.00 km (!!!)

Really?? ;)

Nice model nonetheless.
2008-08-08 11:11
#2 anonymous
Nice model although the hull detail ould use some refinement as it's clearly just a surface pic from something else ... gotta give you kudos for getting the look of the ship right though. Even the detail of the corridors is nice. Shame there's no blueprint to refer to for the rest of it as I think the command module isn't quite right at the front. (Those spikes are not on the movie model .. although there are things like antennaes and stuff like that.

Hope you do a high rez version. This is really great work in anycase. I would just suggest studying the movie model closer and try to get the hull detail to be more clear.

Nice work.
2006-03-27 08:49
#1 anonymous
Imposing and mysterious. home page