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Mars Flight Slow Paced

Summary:A smooth flight over Mars
Description:A smooth, slow paced flight above Mars' surface, with guided description of the visible features.
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License:GPL. You can modify this script in any way you want, but please mention me as the original author. The same is valid for the included BSpline libraries. This script needs to make external calls to the BSpline libraries. Celestia will ask you for permission to open external files. You must allow it for this program to work properly. Also, the script is very CPU hungry. If you notice too many frame jumps, try reducing the magnitude limit (ctrl-[), renamimg your extras folder (in order to prevent other addons to be loaded) and/or reducing the BSPLINE_ORDER constant in the celx file to 3).
Added:2005-01-22 15:55
Last modified:2005-02-01 20:55
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2009-12-12 17:59
#1 TheBlackHole
Needs a no-text version if you find the text distracting. home page