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Black Pit

Summary:Another Black Hole in the 47 Tucanae globular cluster. Requires Celestia 1.4 or later.
Description:This one is a lonely (no companion), generic black hole which could be placed anywhere in the Celestia universe. You must have Celestia 1.4.x or higher to properly use this add-on. Please be aware that although you can select this add-on via the ENTER-TYPE NAME-ENTER method, and then (G)o to it, you may not be able to see the Black Hole until you hold down your Home key for a bit in order to get close enough for viewing. Please read Cham's Readme.txt file for installation and usage instructions.
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Added:2005-01-19 10:37
Last modified:2008-03-27 11:06
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2009-01-17 19:14
#1 anonymous
Cant find it, read the read me and went to where it told me, but it isnt there. home page