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Cassini mission

Summary:Cassini mission from launch to Orbital insertion.
Description:The cassini_mission script follows Cassini from launch to Saturn Orbital insertion. (approx 20 min.)
The cassini_arrival script starts with Cassini's encounter with Saturn's moon Phoebe. (approx. 5 min.)
v12 has been adapted from the v11 cassini scripts in order to work with jestr's new xyz files that are included with his new cassini_huygens addon.

Celestia v1.6.0 update of the Cassini mission script. The Script for 1.6.0 (2009) works with the default cassini model, as distributed with Celestia v1.6.0, but you can also choose to use the Jestr Cassini model.
If you want to use the Jestr Cassini model, you need to download and install the Jestr Cassini addon yourself.
Addon Homepage:
Dutch translation and adaption for Celestia 1.6.0 by Marco Klunder, Korean by Fly_Space
Added:2005-01-19 10:25
Last modified:2011-11-13 21:45
v11 CEL (english) 5.82 kB
v12 CEL (english) 6.23 kB
Script for 1.6.0 (2009) (english) 216.00 kB
Script for 1.6.0 (2009) (dutch) 219.52 kB
v12 CEL (korean) 6.43 kB

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2005-03-20 15:36
#1 Maine
An excellent script with interesting information about the mission. home page