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Topographical Surface Map

Summary:Alternate texture (topographical) map of Earth.
Description:All source images were copied from the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) and were put together to create this 4K Topographical Relief map of the Earth's surface. Please note that NO SSC file is included in this package, and that you'll have to create your own SSC file in order to view the texture in Celestia. Create your own SSC containing ONLY the following lines:

AltSurface "Topography (Land & Oceans)" "Sol/earth"
Texture "earth-topo.jpg"
OverlayTexture "earth-topo.jpg"

When finished, save your new SSC in the Celestia\extras folder and copy the earth-topo.jpg file to your Celestia\textures\medres folder. You should now be able to view the topographical relief map by right-clicking on the Earth in Celestia, and then selecting the "Topography (Land & Oceans)" option.
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Creator:Javier Villalobos
License:Public domain.
Added:2004-12-15 19:09
Last modified:2007-12-16 22:38
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