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Phobos/Deimos models

Summary:Phobos and Deimos models and 2K textures.
Description:These textures were made from data obtained at this location. The author did some touch-ups in Photoshop and added color from pictures at other NASA resources. The models were created from shape data taken from Phil Stooke's site, and extra detail was generated via shape-shading. The height data is just for aesthetic purposes and should not be treated as "scientifically-correct." Please note that both Bump Maps and Normal Maps have been included in this package, along with installation instructions. One other note here: These textures do not have to be placed in your Celestia\textures\hires folder. You can simply install them into your medres folder if you like.
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Creator:Mattias Malmer
Added:2004-12-10 11:45
Last modified:2007-12-29 21:39
Phobos/Deimos models 3DS/JPG 2.90 MB

Comments by visitors:

2005-05-26 17:33
#3 John M. Dollan
A bit more realistic version of the moons, as far as I can tell, especially with the darker coloring that is indicitive of these types of asteroids. Nice!
2005-01-23 13:27
#2 JIHEM001
intresting but I'm unable to view phobos/deimos in color?
2005-01-22 18:31
#1 The Singing Badger
This is a great addon. I presume the dark brown colour is more accurate than the grey of the standard Celestia texture; even if it isn't it's a lot more aesthetically pleasing, as there is much greater variety and subtlety of colour.

I didn't use the models, as they're in .3ds and I prefer the now-standard cmod, but I'm very pleased with the textures. home page