Earth: Surface Map Textures:
Informational maps

Summary:Various alternate texture maps of Earth.
Description:This add-on contains various and different informational surface texture maps for use in displaying paleographic information, magnetic field data, oceanic floor data, and geographical and free air gravity information about the Earth. To install these alternate surface textures, start by installing the Oceanic Floor map selection first. This file contains the SSC file which will be necessary in order to add ALL of the other alternate surface textures related to this particular add-on.
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Creator:Ton Lindemann
License:Public Domain.
Added:2004-11-12 16:01
Last modified:2007-12-17 03:41
Earth oceanic floor map JPG 163.30 kB
Earth crust magnetic map JPG 252.08 kB
Earth magnetic anomalies JPG 236.32 kB
Earth free air gravity map JPG 124.69 kB
Earth Geoid map JPG 87.42 kB
Earth Paleographic maps JPG 3.40 MB

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