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Black Hole 108 Nebula

Summary:Theoretical Black Hole surrounded by multi-colored nebula.
Description:This add-on represents a theoretical Black Hole, surrounded by the multicolored remnants of the supernova that created it. Please view Frank's excellent Read-Me_first.txt file for installation and usage instructions. Be aware also that Frank has included a "light" version of this add-on for weaker PCs. Again, just read Frank's Read-Me_first.txt file for more information. Finally, please note that this add-on uses DDS textures, so make certain that your PC can use these graphics files before downloading.
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Creator:Frank Gregorio
Nebula by Jestr
Added:2004-11-08 14:15
Last modified:2008-03-27 09:50
Black Hole 108 Nebula CMOD/DDS 16.54 MB

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