Fictional: Orion's Arm Universe:
Complete version 2.1 Package

Summary:Objects from the Orion's Arm collaborative fiction project. Download FIRST.
Description:This supersedes all previous versions. Please remove all previous versions of the Orion's Arm Universe from your extras folder as they are not compatible with this version. Also, view the Read Me file within the zip package for the details of how to view the planets and spacecraft included in the Orion's Arm Universe.

This add-on contains around 500 planets and hundreds of habitats, spacecraft and other objects, including Nova Terra, Chorus, Arcadia, Penglai, Ouaddai Ringworld, Sadalmelik, Ouikomene Dyson, Bolobo, Daedalus, Atlantis, Ecotopia, Ain Soph Aur, Darwin, Daffy, Stanislaw, Guanche, Wurm, Oshiq, New Root, Heideria, and many more.

Also included are spacecraft from designs by John.M.Dollan, Todd Drashner, Michael Walton, Steve Bowers, and from a concept by Eric Lo. The habitats are based on concepts by Forrest Bishop, Gerard K O'Neill, J D Bernal, Freeman Dyson, Paul Birch, Larry Niven and Iain M Banks.
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2010-12-02 08:07
It just LOOKS like, but your statements are exaggerated...
2006-11-08 05:09
#1 anonymous
It looks like Pangea but with more continents. It also looks like Mars turned into Jupiter and then became Earth's moon. home page