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NGC 7635 - Bubble Nebula

Summary:The NGC 7635 Bubble Nebula represented via fully 3D model. Download BOTH parts.
Description:This add-on displays the NGC 7635 Bubble Nebula using a 3D model. To install, unzip these folders (Both of them) to a temporary directory, and then copy the two main folders to your Celestia\extras directory. If you try to extract these packages directory to Celestia's extras folder, you may run into trouble because of an unnecessary extras folder within the packages. Once installed, use the ENTER-TYPE NAME-ENTER method to type Bubble within Celestia to locate and view this add-on.
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Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2009-05-18 18:00
Part 1 3DS/1K/JPG 94.21 kB
Part 2 3DS/1K/JPG 211.14 kB

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