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NGC 3372 - Carina Nebula

Summary:The Carina Nebula as represented with a 4K Billboard.
Description:This is another representation of the Eta Carinae Nebula which is also known as the Homunculus Nebula. This area of gas is located around the super voluminous and highly luminous hyper-giant double star Eta Carinae. To install, simply copy all contents to your Celestia\extras directory. Use the ENTER-TYPE NAME-ENTER method to type in Carina in order to locate and view this add-on within Celestia. For more information concerning this fascinating object, please point your browser to the Wiki Page which is located HERE.
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Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2011-10-02 11:06
NGC 3372 - Carina Nebula 3DS/4K/JPG 685.98 kB

Comments by visitors:

2010-08-14 22:48
#2 woh g67
it looks like the boorang nebula
2007-11-13 16:24
#1 anonymous
seems a bit bright for a nebula when viewed from earth home page