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NGC 6822

Summary:NGC 6822 Galaxy 4K Billboard.
Description:This add-on was designed for OLDER versions of Celestia. The latest releases of our favorite program already include a much more realistic representation of this galaxy. It won't hurt anything to install, but is really unnecessary as of Celestia 1.4.1. The add-on utilizes a Billboard 2D model in order to display Celestia's now built-in 3D version of the galaxy. Please note also that you will see TWO different renderings of the Galaxy if you install this add-on. One is the representation shown here, and the other is Celestia's internal representation. Not recommended unless you have other reasons to install. Please see the second screen shot below for more information. In this image, the galaxy shown on the left is Celestia's 3D representation, and the galaxy shown at the right is this 2D Billboard image.
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Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2008-01-19 17:46
NGC 6822 3DS/4K/JPG 904.62 kB

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2009-08-25 21:35
#2 BobHegwood
Funny comment considering the add-on is rated as excellent. No accounting for tastes I suppose...
2009-08-25 21:23
#1 anonymous
Horrible..... home page