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Summary:M83 Southern Pinwheel Galaxy.
Description:This add-on was designed for OLDER versions of Celestia. The latest releases of our favorite program already include a much more realistic representation of this galaxy. It won't hurt anything to install, but is really unnecessary as of Celestia 1.4.1. Also, this add-on utilizes a 3D model (with depth-sorting problems) in order to display Celestia's now built-in (and fully 3D) version of the galaxy. Please note also that you will see TWO different renderings of the Galaxy if you install this add-on. One is the representation shown here, and the other is Celestia's internal representation. Not recommended unless you have other reasons to install. Please see second screen shot below for depth-sorting problems.
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Creator:Dave Mc
Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2008-01-19 14:06
M83 3DS/1K/PNG 1.13 MB

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2007-09-30 19:19
#1 Spaceman
A nice 3d addon home page