Mars: Bump and Normal Map Textures:
32K VT Mars Normal Map

Summary:32K VT Mars Normal Map.
Description:The level 0 to 5 tiles for the 32768x16384 normal map of Mars with some post processing to remove some of the "stripping".
To install unzip into your celestia folder
-- or --
read the README file in each zip
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Creator:John van Vliet
Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2011-10-20 16:52
32K VT Mars Normal Map CTX 224 Bytes
Levels 0-3 PNG 40.99 MB
Level 4 PNG 112.25 MB
Level 5 - Part 1 PNG 209.74 MB
Level 5 - Part 2 PNG 211.57 MB

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