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8K Earth Normal Map

Summary:8K Earth Normal Map texture.
Description:This add-on is provided in order to give you the option to use a normal map with your current Earth surface texture. Please be aware that this add-on may NOT match up with your current texture, so you may wish to experiment a bit before committing your Celestia installation to the use of this file. The add-on also comes with NO installation instructions, so if you need some help, please have a look at our HELP page for more information with installation. One other note: This file is a DDS texture, so it may NOT work if your PC is not equipped to display DDS graphics.
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Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2007-12-24 02:15
8K Earth Normal Map 8K/DDS 5.22 MB

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2012-09-12 13:17
#1 Celestial234
Good job praesepe! much helping for me.

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