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M97 - Owl Nebula

Summary:M97 Owl Nebula 0.25K Billboard.
Description:This add-on displays a Billboard model of the M97 Owl Nebula. To install, simply copy all contents to your Celestia\extras directory. To view in Celestia, use the ENTER-TYPE NAME-ENTER method to type in M97 (or Owl Nebula) in order to locate and view the Nebula.
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Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2008-01-21 15:23
M97 - Owl Nebula 3DS/0.25K/PNG 124.45 kB

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2009-01-28 20:50
#1 Addoncreatorextrodirner
I say the textures and everything else sucks about it but make a solar sytem next to it and on the sane plane at night you see this giant ball rise in the night sky over an alien city
all my habital planets are near a nebula making an extraordinary night sky home page