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Puck and Larissa

Summary:Contains Puck, a moon of Uranus, and Larissa, a moon of Neptune.
Description:This add-on contains 3DS models for Puck and Larissa. Simply follow Jack's installation instructions which can be found in his install_me.txt file (included in this add-on.) Please note that this package contains no textures. It simply adds two models - one for each moon - and relies on the default asteroid texture which is provided with Celestia.
Jack has also provided SSC file information in the larissapuck.txt file which is included in this package.
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Creator:Jack Higgins
Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2009-01-25 15:46
Puck and Larissa 3DS/SSC 259.49 kB

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2010-08-31 03:19
#1 woh g67
a model for puck great!! job home page