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Veneras 2-11, 13-14, & 16

Summary:The Soviet series of Venera spacecraft.
Description:The Venera were a series of unmanned Soviet planetary probes sent to Venus during the years from 1965 through 1983. Venera 2 flew to within 40,000 km of Venus in 1966, and a few days later, Venera 3 crash-landed on its surface. In doing so, it became the first spacecraft to strike another planet. Later missions analyzed Venus' atmosphere, made soft landings, detected certain long-lived radioactive isotopes (chiefly uranium and thorium), sent back the first close-up photographs of the planet's surface, and mapped the surface of the northern hemisphere with radar. Jack has mentioned that the trajectory data included in this add-on is not completely accurate, and it's only intended to give you an idea of the original orbits. Also, please note that you will have to play with the time in Celestia in order to view these missions. Start on November 14th, 1965 for the Venera 2 spacecraft, and then increase the time in order to view the rest of the spacecraft included in this package. You may wish to view Jack's SSC file in order to obtain the Julian dates needed in order to convert them for viewing the appropriate spacecraft on the appropriate dates. Also make certain that you download BOTH files here.
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