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Pioneers 6 & 7

Summary:The Pioneer 6 and 7 spacecraft.
Description:Pioneers 6 and 7 were part of the Pioneer program which aimed to make the first detailed, comprehensive measurements of the solar wind, solar magnetic field and cosmic rays. The spacecraft were designed to measure large scale magnetic phenomena and solar particles in interplanetary space. Data from the vehicles has been used to better understand stellar processes and the structure and flow of the solar wind. These vehicles also acted as part of the world's first space-based solar weather network, providing practical data on solar storms which can impact communications and power systems on the Earth. To install this add-on, copy the 3DS model to your Celestia\models folder, the XYZ files to your Celestia\data folder, the textures to your Celestia\textures\medres folder, and the SSC file to your Celestia\extras folder. Remember also to download BOTH files here.
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2011-10-08 15:39
#1 anonymous
The orbit on Pioneer 6 is really weird. Also Pioneer 6 vanishes in May 1971, and Pioneer 7 in November 1986. In reality both spacecraft are still orbiting. home page