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Nozomi (Planet-B)

Summary:The Nozomi (Planet-B) spacecraft.
Description:Japan's Nozomi (Hope) was formerly known as Planet-B. This was a planned Mars orbiter and it was successfully launched on July 4, 1998. The spacecraft was scheduled to arrive at Mars on October 11, 1999, but due to problems with its propulsion system, got an "insufficient acceleration" in its Earth flyby and consequent course corrections. After two more Earth flybys and a delay of more than four years, it arrived in the neighborhood of Mars in December of 2003. Unfortunately, the electrical systems of Nozomi as well as the S-band antenna suffered damage from a heavy Solar eruption in April, 2002, limiting communications with the spacecraft. The resulting problems caused an orbital correction maneuver to fail, so the mission was abandoned. It is now in a Solar orbit and remains in interplanetary space. To see Nozomi in Celestia, set your time to between February 8, 1999, and January 13, 2004. To install, copy the 3DS model to your Celestia\models folder, the XYZ file to Celesia\data, the texture to Celestia\textures\medres, and the SSC file to your Celestia\extras folder. Also, make certain that you download BOTH files here.
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2010-12-21 13:14
#1 krombacher
Good addon! Nozomi entry into a Mars orbit after flyby, but I think it is in a Sol orbit. home page