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Mariner 2

Summary:The Mariner 2 mission to Venus.
Description:Mariner 2 was the world's first successful interplanetary spacecraft. It was launched successfully on August 27, 1962, sending it on a 3½-month flight to Venus. On the way it measured the solar wind and interplanetary dust, which turned out to be more scarce than predicted. As it flew by Venus on December 14, 1962, Mariner 2 scanned the planet with its pair of radiometers, revealing that Venus had an extremely hot surface and surprisingly cool clouds. The spacecraft, although no longer operational, is now in a heliocentric orbit around the Sun. Please note that this add-on is ONLY operational between September 5th, 1962 and November 16, 1962, so you'll have to change the time in Celestia in order to view the spacecraft. Remember to download BOTH files, and extract the 3DS model to your Celestia\models folder, the XYZ file to your Celestia\data folder, and the SSC file to your Celestia\extras folder.
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2011-04-17 16:51
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Should at least show the actual flyby of venus itself. home page