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Magellan + IUS Model

Summary:The Magellan with IUS.
Description:This add-on represents the Magellan spacecraft with its Inertial Upper Stage (IUS) still attached. The Magellan spacecraft was the first planetary explorer to be launched by a space shuttle when it was carried aloft by the shuttle Atlantis from the Kennedy Space Center on May 4, 1989. Please be aware that this package contains NO SSC data. Jack has created the add-on so that you can place the Magellan spacecraft in orbit over the Earth and next to your current representation of Atlantis. You'll have to create, copy and/or modify your own SSC file in order to accomplish this.
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Creator:Jack Higgins
Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2008-08-12 16:49
Magellan + IUS Model 3DS/BMP 201.74 kB

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