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Lunokhod 1 & 2 Rovers, and Luna 17 & 21

Summary:The Soviet Lunokhod Lunar Rovers and Luna Landers.
Description:This add-on represents the Lunokhod (Russian for "Moon walker") Lunar Rovers, and the Luna 17 and 21 landers. The rovers landed on the Moon, and were in operation in cooperation with Zond series of flyby missions. The Lunokhod missions were primarily designed to explore the surface and to return pictures. Please be aware that this package contains models ONLY. To obtain the SSC data, simply download Jack's Lunar Landing Sites package by clicking Here. Extract the models to your Celestia\models folder, and the SSC to your Celestia\extras folder.

NOTE: To view these models on the surface of the Moon in the latest versions of Celestia, you will need to modify your SSC files as described in the Celestia Forum topic located HERE.
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Creator:Jack Higgins
Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2008-06-07 17:40
Lunokhod 1 & 2 Rovers, and Luna 17 & 21 3DS 152.62 kB

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2007-02-22 12:47
#1 pertti jarla
The models are OK but the Lunokhods appear next to the Lunas months too late: Lunokhod 2 model appears on the 20th of May, it really started operation on the 13th of January. home page