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Helios 1 & 2 Solar Probes

Summary:The Helios 1 and 2 Solar Probes.
Description:Helios 1 was launched by the USA in cooperation with the Federal Republic of Germany on December 10th, 1974. It maintained a heliocentric orbit for approximately 190 days. Helios 2 was launched on January 15th, 1976. These satellites were placed into space in order to explore the interplanetary area of space between the earth and the sun, and to study the solar influences in that area. Simply follow Jack's instructions to install this add-on. Make certain also that you download BOTH files here.
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Creator:Jack Higgins
Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2007-12-10 22:06
Helios Trajectories SSC,XYZ 121.50 kB
Helios Model 3DS,JPG,BMP 58.96 kB

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2012-09-03 18:24
#2 anonymous
Very nice. You should make a SOHO add-on.
2011-02-23 02:36
#1 selden
The xyz trajectory files which are included in this Addon are valid only for Julian dates
Beginning 2442391.82916667
Ending 2444877.5
(November 4, 1974, to September 17, 1981)

You will need to set Celestia's date to some time between those dates in order to see the Helios spacecraft. home page