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Huygens Probe

Summary:The Huygens Probe.
Description:The Huygens Probe - a product of the European Space Agency - left Cassini on December 25, 2004 and began its journey toward Titan. This add-on shows the probe as it travels to - and then drops down into - Titan's atmosphere. If you have another version of Huygens in your Celestia installation, then this model is not needed. Please note that this package is for Celestia 1.4.1 or EARLIER. Versions of Celestia after 1.4.1 already come WITH the Huygens probe installed.
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Creator:Jack Higgins
Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2007-12-11 20:46
Huygens Trajectory SSC,XYZ 120.30 kB
Huygens Model 3DS 53.85 kB

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