Spacecraft: Earth Orbit:
International Space Station

Summary:The ISS in various configurations.
Description:These add-ons are Andrew Farnaby's fabulous models converted to the Celestia format by Orion Nebula. Don't forget to install the UPDATED texture pack even if you already have one of these models. Your ISS models should then display the correct textures and orientation. See the comments below for MORE helpful information.
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Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2011-10-21 14:16
Stage 1 3DS 35.40 kB
Stage 2 3DS 44.40 kB
Stage 3 3DS 62.86 kB
Stage 4 3DS 78.20 kB
Stage 5 3DS 90.21 kB
Stage 6 3DS 121.84 kB
Stage 7 3DS 127.36 kB
Stage 8 3DS 152.08 kB
Stage 9 3DS 163.94 kB
Stage 10 3DS 195.50 kB
Stage 11 3DS 210.98 kB
Stage 12 3DS 227.69 kB
Stage 13 (Complete) 3DS 447.29 kB
Texture Pack BMP 318.99 kB

Comments by visitors:

2009-02-21 20:22
#11 kurtmac
FYI: In Celestia 1.5.1 there is no iss.ssc in the extras folder. You need to edit the spacecraft.ssc file in the Celestia\data folder to point to the new .3ds mesh as indicated in the previous comment.
2008-05-04 21:18
#10 Moses P. Whitaker
This an excellent add-on. I highly recommend it.
2007-07-26 03:21
#9 -Chris-83-
I agree.
I would like to have newer ISS models atfer the STS-115 (12A), 116 (12A.1) and 117 (13A) missions.
2007-01-08 02:02
#8 hungry4info
As the ISS evolves over the course of it's construction, new models should be posted to represent this change. Currently, none of the provided models correctly display the current arrangement of the ISS.
2006-08-28 21:05
#7 cjorsinger
If you're installing this on a Linux or Unix system, you'll have to change all the texture file names to upper case to be able to see the textures. They're in textures/medres if you've installed them per the instructions.
2006-07-07 11:14
To make it work, simply extract the textures archive into the textures\medres folder. After that, copy the file named isscomplete.3ds into the models folder. You can delete any other iss* file, because the isscomplete.3ds will use the newest textures. Then, you need to edit the file ISS.ssc located into the extras folder and check the value of Mesh :

"International Space Station" "Sol/Earth"
Class "spacecraft"
Mesh "isscomplete.3ds"
Radius 0.040

you must have the "isscomplete.3ds" instead of iss.3ds
2005-11-01 22:35
#5 anonymous
Remind: if you put the "isscomplete.3ds" into your ...\Celestia\models folder and rename it to "iss.3ds", your computer will ask you to overwrite the old "iss.3ds". Instead of doing so you should rename the OLD "iss.3ds" (e.g. to "iss0.3ds"). If you do so you will be able to rebild your old ISS if my solution doesn't work on your computer.
2005-11-01 22:18
#4 anonymous
I had the same problems but now it works: copy the "isscomplete.3ds" and paste it into your ...\Celestia\models folder and change the file's name into "iss.3ds". After that copy all the textures from the "" and paste them into your ...\Celestia\textures\medres folder. If this does not work you should paste them into the ...\lores folder as well. After that it worked on my system.
2005-10-31 20:53
#3 anonymous
I got it to work by replacing "iss.3ds" in the "data" folder and copying the textures into the "textures/medres" folder. I don't know if this is the official way...
2005-10-16 00:52
#2 anonymous
same problem!
2005-08-21 17:12
#1 anonymous
How do you get this one to work? I've downloaded ISSComplete and ISStextures and installed them in Celestia\extras\ISS\models and Celestia\extras\ISS\textures\medres respectively. ISS still looks the same! Do I need to modify another file? Do I need to create an ISScomplete.SSC file? home page