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Summary:Longest-lived satellite in history: 1974-?
Description:This model represents an accurate depiction of the longest-lived satellite in history. The satellite was still operating as of August, 2007, and has been working off and on since 1974. This package uses a very small footprint at 34k, and the zip file contains everything you need to display the model in Celestia.

NOTE: To install this add-on, simply extract the zip file to your Celestia\extras directory.

Model re-packaged by Bob Hegwood on 8 Apr 09.
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Creator:Jess LaFleur
Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2009-04-08 18:23
AO-7 3DS/JPG 33.89 kB

Comments by visitors:

2010-03-24 02:18
#7 Ian M
A nice simple add-on. Glad I got it.
2009-10-21 13:57
#6 Teto
Just add the line:
Beginning "1974 11 15"
in the .ssc file. And the satellite won't appear before!
Great job, in any case.
2007-12-07 14:02
#5 Bob Hegwood
Just FYI, ALL files necessary for this satellite are included in the zip file. Still an exceptional model.
2007-10-24 00:19
#4 Psico Quantic
Great model, it´s soooo realistic! =)
2007-06-10 22:17
#3 anonymous
Veeeeeeeeeery cool :)
2005-07-06 13:28
#2 anonymous
Nice job. Just don't forget to copy also the .3ds file (not mentionned in .txt)
2005-01-08 20:45
#1 Bob Hegwood
Excellent model, nicely detailed and well
worth a mere 34k of disk space. home page