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2K Mercury Map

Summary:Older, but accurate, Mercury surface texture.
Description:As noted, this is an older surface texture for the planet Mercury. This is a 2K texture, and offers the Celestia user a different view of what it still largely an unknown planet. Please just follow the installation instructions which can be found in the "install_mercury.txt" file which is included with this add-on.
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Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2009-01-22 20:20
2K Mercury Map JPG/SSC 602.75 kB

Comments by visitors:

2015-06-25 03:03
#7 edr-01
This addon must be updated. Is old, doesn't show the caloris basin, either the other side of Mercury.Years ago a spacecraft was sent to mapping the other side of Mercury. Please update.
2012-08-20 06:10
#6 anonymous
"Perfect." This addon perfect... but, i not see the caloris basin, because this is the older texture. lol
2006-09-11 00:15
#5 anonymous
"Very Good!"
2005-12-29 20:07
#4 anonymous
Not Found
The requested URL /jim/ was not found on this server.
2005-09-08 14:56
#3 Paul
NASA has only mapped one side of Mercury. That's why. They've sent satalites twice but mapped the same side every time. They are planning another trip to Mercury soon to map the other side.
2005-05-26 16:15
#2 John M. Dollan
A nice visualization of our current knowledge of Mercury.
2005-03-23 21:49
#1 durper287
It only covered half of the planet. Very dissapointing home page