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Space Lift

Summary:The original Space Lift.
Description:This add-on places the original space lift attached to the planet Earth. It is recommended that you create a new folder called "SpaceLift" in your Celestia\extras directory. Then copy the SSC file, and the models and textures folders directly to this directory. To locate the main Space Lift Station, simply use the ENTER-TYPE NAME-ENTER method to get to the Orbital Station. NOTE: You may wish to rename the JPG files so that they use lower-case file extensions. Some systems will not display models correctly when using upper-case file extensions.
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Creator:Thomas Guilpain
Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2008-03-26 12:28
Space Lift 3DS/JPG 1.44 MB

Comments by visitors:

2009-01-14 07:51
#3 pnwk
I can't see the elevator. The orbits show, bit the elevator doesn't seem to render. (I've got 1.5.1) I can see other satelites.
2006-12-10 20:46
#2 Spaceman
I have it, it's great :-)
2005-09-30 16:41
#1 jmdollan
Always a big fan of space elevators of all designs. I love the simplicity of this one, and yet its construction is complex enough to allow for some wonderful screenshots. home page