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Red Giant Earth (and Sun)

Summary:This add-on depicts what Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto may look like when our Sun becomes a Red Giant star about 5 billion years into the future. It includes a read-me file that contains cel:url links that position you in good viewing position to see how some of the planets in our solar system will change and die, as the sun swells to 100 times its current size.
Description:Earth will slowly die and eventually, be engulfed by our sun. Mars, Jupiter and all the outer planets will dramatically change, as heat from the sun's bloated surface alters their atmospheres and surfaces. If humans are still in existence so far into the future, we may have settled on Pluto. The add-on gives you a glimpse of what that may look like.
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Creator:Frank Gregorio
License:For non-commercial use only with Celestia.
Added:2019-07-13 11:42
Last modified:2019-07-13 11:51
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