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Binary Star Catalog

Summary:Catalog of about 130 binary or multiple star systems that are not included in the default version of Celestia 1.6.1.
Description:This is a large add-on that modifies about 130 binary systems. In the default version of Celestia, these are rendered as single stars or two stars not orbiting each other, but these have been modified so that they orbit each other. In cases where there are multiple stars, as many stars that have data have been added.

Knowledge on binary stars and their parameters is very incomplete, so many times I had to estimate or calculate parameters from existing ones. For example, some tables include estimates for mass, absolute magnitude, luminosity, etc. based on spectral type. Alternatively, there are formulae that calculate one based on another. The readme file contains documentation on how this is done.

Update 1.1 fixes designations for a few stars, adds new systems (omi And and mu2 Gru), updates parameters for several systems, and standardizes the references against the WDS' abbreviation system.
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License:Public domain
Added:2017-10-20 09:00
Last modified:2019-03-25 19:16
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