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Summary:Adds several thousand real stars to the Large Magellanic Cloud and Small Magellanic Cloud
Description:This add-on adds about 15600 stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud and about 13600 stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud. These stars are real, and the data is from SIMBAD. Specifically, the coordinates and names of the stars are real, and the spectral types (if known) have been included. For stars whose spectral types are not known, variable types have been used to fill in random spectral types; for example, Mira-type variable stars would mostly be M-type or C-type stars. Because the distance of these stars aren't known, special formulae were used to come up with random (but realistic) distances for each of the stars.

Version 2.0 contains twice as many stars as the previous versions, as well as eight open clusters, ten globular clusters, pulsars, and accurate renderings of binary stars.
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License:Public domain
Added:2016-12-10 13:03
Last modified:2017-02-16 18:25
LMC and SMC DSC/STC 760.67 kB

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