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Largest Stars

Summary:Catalog of all stars with radii over 1000 times the Sun.
Description:This add-on adds all stars known to be over 1000 solar radii, according to Wikipedia (Nov. 2016).
Most of them are red hypergiants or supergiants, and some of them have smaller companions that I added as well. For a size comparison, try visiting those stars at a distance of 5 radii, and then going to the Sun at the same distance.

NOTE: VY Canis Majoris is already in another addon on this site: Splinterfrag's "VY Canis Majoris and R136a1" addon.

Update 1.1 fixes coordinates, names, and orbital elements of a few stars.
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License:Public domain
Added:2016-11-04 15:14
Last modified:2017-01-04 12:48
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2016-11-19 20:25
#1 Markooz
Very advisable add-on, but I see one little mistake: it should be V766 Cen instead V776 Cen. home page