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Pluto/Charon Locations

Summary:Includes locations for various geological features on Pluto and Charon.
Description:This add-on is a supplement to FarGetaNik's "Pluto System" add-on, which fixes the Pluto system with maps from the New Horizon flyby. After the New Horizons flyby of the Pluto system, many craters, valleys, etc. were given names - often with cultural references (e.g. Tardis Chasma and Skywalker Crater). This add-on adds Locations for features on Pluto and Charon. I also included a new map for Charon, which shows the geological features of Charon in higher detail.

Compatible with FarGetaNik's "Pluto System" addon, as well as TonnyBGood's "Pluto System 2016" addon.

NOTE: The map was not Lukes work, it is a modified version of Snowfall-The-Cat's Charon Map, which is from
The license for it is "you can use this however you like!"

Version 2.0 fixes the meridian of the texture, and includes more locations from the IAU. Official names of locations have been marked with the phrase "approved" in the .ssc file.

Version 2.1 & 2.2 fixes some coordinates and includes more locations from the IAU.
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License:Texture courtesy of Snowfall The Cat; everything else is public domain.
Added:2016-11-04 15:03
Last modified:2020-04-06 17:59
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