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Cartwheel Galaxy

Summary:The Cartwheel Galaxy, an unusual ring galaxy and a lenticular galaxy.
Description:This add-on adds the Cartwheel Galaxy, an unusual ring galaxy in Sculptor. It is a ring galaxy (and a lenticular galaxy), and from Earth it appears nearly face-on. Its shape is unusual in that it looks an (elliptical) wheel, with its "spokes" and its center; the shape came from it interacting with another galaxy about 200 million years ago.

Version 2.0 orientates the Cartwheel Galaxy correctly, has modified parameters, and includes two galaxies interacting with the Cartwheel Galaxy.

Update 2.1 includes improved parameters and orientations.

This uses a custom template (modified from a Hubble image), so in order to work, you have to put the PNG image into your "models" directory first.
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License:Public domain
Added:2016-11-04 14:56
Last modified:2019-03-25 19:14
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