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Chiron and Chariklo

Summary:Adds Chariklo, a centaur with rings, and modifies Chiron to also have rings.
Description:This add-on adds 10199 Chariklo, the largest known centaur. Chariklo is the only known asteroid known to have rings; the rings were discovered in 2013. Luke used Saturn's rings, because they look similar enough to Chariklo's rings.

It's suspected that the centaur 2060 Chiron (already in Celestia) also has rings, so Luke have modified Chiron so it also has them.

NOTE: 10199 Chariklo is already in some other addons on this site: Jack Higgins' "Centaurs and TNO's" and Selden Ball's "178 Centaur Asteroids."

Update 1.1 fixes Chariklo's color, derived from its SMASS spectrum, and fixes the orientations of Chiron and Chariklo.
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License:Public domain
Added:2016-09-19 21:27
Last modified:2019-03-25 19:21
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