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Tiangong 1

Summary:Tiangong 1 Space Laboratory
Description:Tiangong 1 is the primary form of the future space station of China. As in the movie Gravity, the Chinese Space Station will be called Tiangong. Of course, this add-on will not show you the "future" Tiangong in the movie Gravity, but a quite simply one, which is now orbiting above.

This add-on requires Celestia 1.6.1 or higher.
As Tiangong was launched at "2011 9 29 13:16:03.507, UTC", you won't be able to see it before that. So, set your time "2011 9 29 13:16:03.507, UTC" or later. To do this, pull down the "Time" menu at the top and then adjust the time.
This add-on should not be used to predict the exact position of Tiangong. The orbit data is only approximately correct in a few days. Besides, Celestia defines the earth as a sphere, while the real shape of the earth is more complex.
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License:See readme-file within the package.
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