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CelPad (Celestia search tool)

Summary:Graphical search tool for Celestia objects. Plugin for Lua Edu Tools 1.2.
Description:CelPad is a tool with simple graphical user interface for searching through Celestia database. This version is available in English language only. The tool provides ability to search for stars, satellites, locations and deep space objects by their attributes and run commands or script-like command sets on results. Make sure to check README_CelPad.txt for installation instructions.

Please note that this add-on will work with the Lua Edu Tools 1.2 only! You will find it in our utilities section.

CelPad v.1.1: updated in September 2013
Addon Homepage:
License:Applies the same license as Lua Edu Tools 1.2. Free for non-commercial use.
Added:2013-03-31 14:10
Last modified:2013-09-13 13:52
CelPad (Celestia search tool) (english) 257.72 kB

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