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Solar Eclipses of Saros series 117 through 156

Summary:Scripts which display the Solar Eclipses of the currently active Saros series 117 through 156 for Celestia161 (-ED).
Description:These scripts display the Solar Eclipses of the currently active Saros series 117 through 156 in a multiview screen display.
The Saros is based on the recognition that 223 synodic months approximately equal to 242 draconic months and 239 anomalistic months.
This means that one Saros after an eclipse, the Sun, Earth, and Moon return to approximately the same relative geometry, and a nearly identical eclipse will occur. This relationship is however not perfect, so the geometry of two eclipses separated by one Saros will differ slightly.
Each Saros series starts with a partial eclipse (Sun first enters the end of the node), and each successive Saros the path of the Moon is shifted either northward (when near the descending node) or southward (when near the ascending node).
At some point, eclipses are no longer possible and the series terminates (the Sun leaves the beginning of the node).
At any given time, approximately 40 different Saros series will be in progress, which is now the case for Saros series 117 through 156.

Data obtained to produce these Saros series scripts are obtained from the NASA Eclipse Website: (where ??? may be 117 through 156).

NOTE: The NASA Website also contains data for the Saros series 000 through 116 and 118 through 180.
However these Saros series are currently NOT active and lots of the data for these series have a mismatch with the Celestia representation (dates too far in the past / future with corresponding inaccuracies).
For these 2 reasons, those Saros series are NOT implemented in this Add-on.
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Creator:Marco Klunder
License:See read-me within the ZIP.
Added:2012-06-25 21:08
Last modified:2012-06-29 10:51

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